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Asset Tracing & Recovery

GIA is a leading company regarding Asset Tracing & Recovery:

The detection of (obscured) funds and/or assets belonging to persons and/or companies in order to seize the funds and/or assets. order to seize the funds and/or assets.

A unique approach

Almost daily, we track, commissioned by international clients, hidden assets and goods purchased with hidden funds. Things that our clients can seize. Obviously, a defaulter, swindler, bad company and criminal network tries to hide their money as good as possible. Fortunately, such (criminal) acts always leave traces.

How tiny a trace may seem, the specialists of GIA know how to recognize a trace and how to exploit it. We see what others don't.

The really successful collection of an outstanding claim stands or falls on whether the creditor has the right information about the debtor. Information that can be immediately used against the debtor. The average collection agencies quickly send a number of letters to a debtor containing an accrued claim, without being fully aware about the background of the debtor or the whereabouts of his money and assets.

Your debtor, especially when it comes to notorious scammers or international companies, is usually not impressed by such letters. There will be no response or they will use tricks, such as going into administration, to prevent you from getting your money.
By confronting your debtor with detailed information about his money and assets, GIA's international teams are able to quickly convince your debtor that the best route to take is to pay his outstanding debt.

International network

We cooperate with a worldwide network of law firms that enables you to seize bank accounts and luxury goods..


A criminal network or a notorious defaulter will try to obscure his trail by putting as many persons and/or companies as possible, between them and the obscured funds. This may complicate the case, but in many cases the henchmen are the weak link in the criminal network.

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