Global Investor Alerts
Global Investor Alerts is dedicated to fighting stock and securities fraud, popularly referred to as cold-calling. Companies that engage in cold-calling are often called boiler rooms.

It is our mission to offer you a central point where you can check if the company that is cold-calling you is registered with the financial authorities or if it is black-listed, where you can find information about the stock and securities they offer, and where you can find if any warnings are issued against the boiler room.

We also aim to offer services to assist you with issuing warnings against a boiler room and filing claims with financial authorities.

Stock and Securities fraud is a very international and widespread crime.

Anyone can become a victim of companies that engage in stock and securities fraud, the so-called boiler rooms. No one is exempt, from construction workers to professors.

Because of the international character of most stock and securities fraud cases, it is very difficult for national police forces to investigate the crime.

Global Investor Alerts researches stock & securities fraud commissioned by victims, handling everything from filing claims with financial authorities to contacts with trustworthy lawyers.

If you feel you are a victim of a boiler room, it is very important to contact Global Investor Alerts as soon as possible, preferably while the alleged scam is still going on.
This makes it less harder for Global Investor Alerts to start investigating the alleged boiler room and perpetrators.

If you think you are a victim of stock and securites fraud, of a boiler room, and you seek help, please contact Global Investor Alerts at

Global Investor Alerts can also assist you in filing claims with financial authorities. If you would like assistance with filing a claim, please contact us at .